The Schulze-Brakel company has become the world’s leading manufacturer of decorated windscreens for radio and television. We apply logos of our customers in any desired color (Pantone, HKS, RAL), and flock windscreens with nylon or viscose flock to support the branding of the transmitter. Our currently more than 440 different types of wind protection go in large and small editions to customers in all five continents, where they interview stars and politicians, as well as the winners in football, handball, horse and camel racing, in winter sports, in boxing, in Formula 1 and many other sporting events – and they also provide clear sound in the aircraft cockpits around the world.

We supply the individual wind protection for each microphone in conventional forms or according to the wishes of the design department of each broadcaster. Of course, consideration is also given to the recording structure of each microphone. As reporters are increasingly working with smaller devices than representatives of certain stations, we also offer windscreens for smartphones and the like.

The ISO-certified production of our windshields is made exclusively from properly reticulated foam. The quality of the foam is monitored in the laboratory of the manufacturer and in our house. Not only renowned cooperation partners and microphone manufacturers are testing the acoustic properties of our products, but also the IRT (Institute for Broadcasting Technology) in Munich. In cooperation with the IRT, developments have already been carried out for the ARD, Swiss TV, and other well-known broadcasters.