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The foam makes the difference. Our SchulzFoam is made exclusively from the finest German manufacturers. Based on our specifications we achieve a consistent quality in terms of:

  • Open pores (>99%) for best-in-class sound quality

  • Flexibility for a safe fit on the microphone

  • Color stability for a long lifetime

Together with our DustFree process you will receive a flawless product which is our pride, every day.

Printing types


Our classic, manual process with excellent color, brilliance, high resolution and an excellent longevity.

Flocked haptic for a non-reflecting surface and great touch & feel.

Limitations regarding thickness of printable text and lines. Only solid color, no gradients.

The #1 choice for bigger quantities.


Extremly high resolution printing process. Bright appearance in full color range and gradients in high-grade. High durability. Very little limitations regarding thickness of printable text and lines. 

Matt, low-reflection free surface.

The #1 choice for colorful logos, small quantities and fast delivery.


Print and cut logo production process. Either for logos in one of our 14 standard colors or in full color with gradients as flocked patch. High luminosity in standard colors, little less brightness and brilliance for the full color patch. Not available for flocked surface.

The #1 choice for "simple" logos on unflocked surfaces.



Our  cust omers preferred  surface. After machining the SchulzFoam to the right sh ape, this secondary process puts a fine layer of super-fine fibres on the pre-treated Windscreen. 

Our  controlled process  guarantees a consistent sound quality by achieving a visual effect on the screens that makes your company standing out next to the "unfinished" products. 

A virtually unlimited number of  available colors  and the possibility to apply several colors will get the result you are looking for. 

We make your dreams reality!