Decoration and Influence on acoustic

We developed an unsurpassed procedure for the decoration and labelling of windscreens.

The decoration with the so-called flocculate decoration impresses with

· sharp and brilliant colours and

· minimum sound loss even with large-scale decoration

In connection with a labelling colours and logo elements gain brilliance and sharpness.

Especially impressing results canbe gained by flocculating the windscreens first.This flocculation at the same time reduces still existing wind noise and performs a so far unknown brilliance of forms and colours.

Well-known producers of microphones as well as radio - tv stations have tested the windscreens acoustically and recommended them for use.

Explanations by Sennheiser

Of course we also provide windscreens with those sorts of decoration that were used so far. Well-known is the screenprint-procedure which is used for the unexpensive production of small quantities. However it is not possible to gain such a brilliance as with the flocculate decoration. In addtion this procedure tends to distort the imprint if used with larger pictures.