Form and Design

Schulze-Brakel has developed a special technology to produce current round windscreens as well as multi fold windscreens. This results in an incredibly wide range considering on the one hand the different types of microphones and on the other hand their decoration with logos and characters of the different broadcasting companies.


In order to match the round and multi fold windscreens we produce foam flags, round or multi fold or even integrated into the windscreen.

Until today it was usual practice to use windscreens for the microphones and apply the flags below in order to distinguish clearly the different TV and broadcasting companies or news agencies.

Up to now round windscreens ran the danger that the logo on the windscreen could not clearly be recognized in case the microphone was not held the best way towards the camera or, if in a multitude of microphones and shooting cameras, the picture had side-slipped. This danger can now be eliminated using the multi fold windscreens developed by Schulze-Brakel. Now the company’s logo can never be overseen, it is always visible and at sight. So the broadcasting identities would now be obsolete should one not desire to give additional information to the spectators as, e.g., the broadcasting institution.

Different types of microphones require interior outline milling and drilling. Maintaining the design precise milling and drilling of our windscreens always ensures exact fitting and best hold on the microphone.

The German broadcasting company ZDF has patent rights for four fold multicolour windscreens. These rights are valid for Germany and some European areas. We would be pleased to counsel you in order to avoid a possible violation of these patent rights and to enable you to use similar attractive windscreens. We are the only company producing triangle windscreens in concordance with our copyright.


Our windscreens are produced in standard colours like yellow, red, blue or anthracite.
Optionally we can supply, of course, all possible colours according to Pantone and HKS. In this case the foam is dyed completely through and through in a special process after confectioning.

A further possibility of colour shaping is flocculating (colour range available on demand). This way windscreens can be designed multi-coloured!

The colours we apply have been tested for colour stability and skin tolerance. Additional dyeing and flocculating does not affect the acoustic properties.