Foam flags

We can provide you with flags made out of foam in standard sizes and colours. and also in your desired sizes or colours accordingly to the windscreens.


Station foam flags are especially economic in price, matching in colour and can be manufactured as individually as windscreens. So the station logo can be shown on the windscreen as well as the individual station on the flag.

Plastic Flags with and without Logos

We have found out by our worldwide customers, that many of them are also using plastic flags in addition to the decorated windscreens. In some countries there are used plain dyed and flocked windscreens combined with the common flags, which are known for several years.


We decided to offer these plastic flags also, because this combination is still used by many customers.


You will find details regarding this program on our leaflet:

Download Flyer  "Plastic Flags" (860 KB)